8 Effective Ways To Cool Down After Workout

A strenuous exercise session always feels satisfactory, but it is extremely important that we cool down our body properly to avoid post-workout pain, dizziness, and faintness. It is vital that the body gets the time to cool down before we indulge in any other activity. It also helps to relax the muscles for the exercise to follow the next day.

The body when returned to its normal conditions gradually rather than drastically offers several health benefits. There exists a handful of tips to control this cooling down of the body which can indeed eliminate any risks that may be present due to the extensive workout sessions!

Read on to find out 8 effective ways to cool down after a workout.

1. Cooling Your Body Before a Workout

The idea of cooling your body pre-workout works around the finding that it causes your body temperature to rise at a slower rate and also results in enhanced performance. Some useful suggestions would be to drink cold fluids and sit in an air-conditioned room. It is suggested to start cooling yourself around 2 hours prior to your workout session for maximum effect.

Therefore, plan ahead and prepare your body for your workout sessions before you even begin with it!

2. Cool Your Neck After a Workout

Your head is the place where you dissipate most of your body heat. A cool towel placed on your neck helps stimulate your body to lose heat at a faster rate and helps cool you down to a normal temperature.

Hence, it is a smart move to cool your neck after a workout for quick results! It will surely help you feel relaxed.

3. Finish Your Workout Session with Fewer Intensity Exercises

It is Important that you do not finish your exercise session all of a sudden after an intensive workout. It is always advisable to end your exercise session with exercises that involve less effort. This helps your heart rate and body temperature to gradually drop down to normal. Planning out your workout with this information is very essential as this means that the ending part of your workout needs to comprise of stretches, yoga exercises or simple walking exercises

So, finish off your workout with a five to ten minute cool-down session!

4. Hydrate Yourself

All the rigorous exercise leads you to lose a lot of body fluid! It is vital that you replace all that lost water immediately. It helps keep post-workout soreness to a minimum. Hence, after you are done with your exercise replenish your water requirements by drinking water at certain intervals. This will definitely leave you feeling refreshed and return the lost energy.

Drinking chilled juices can also prove to be extremely beneficial while they also replace the required nutrients for your body!

5. Alternate Between a Hot and Cold Shower

Studies have shown that taking bath alternating between cold and hot water assists in reducing blood pressure and heartbeat rate back to normal. The cycle is extremely effective to bring your body back to standard conditions and it is highly advisable to follow this simple technique.

So, when your shower makes sure you don’t just soak yourself in cold water. Switch between hot and cold to swiftly get your body temperature to normal!

6. Drink Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea has a cooling effect due to menthol. Drinking it aids in cooling down your body. Making a habit of drinking this tea either hot or cold can prove to be extremely beneficial in regulating your temperature and helps cool yourself down.

So, get yourself iced tea to refresh your mind and body after a strenuous workout.

7. Skin Cooling Products

Usage of skin cooling products such as lotions have proven to be advantageous since applying them on your skin helps to hydrate your skin. They have cooling properties due to menthol which assists in quick cooling of your body.

Add these products in your post-workout routine and experience the benefits of cooling down your body!

8. Cooling Breaths

Using a yoga breathing exercise to cool down your body is another method you can endorse. Inhaling through your mouth by forming a tube with your tongue and exhaling slowly using your nose is an effective method to slow down your heartbeat to normal and cool off your body.

Try out this technique and find out for yourself how your body cools down faster.

Follow up on these exciting tricks to cool down your body after a tiring workout session to be able to make the most out of your workouts, finishing them off in the best possible way!

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