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How to Naturally Get a More Muscular Butt

Out there, there have been multitudes of recommended methods for getting a bigger backside. But it’s quite disappointing that most of these methods are really not working. Since we have different reasons for trying to increase our butt sizes, some have given up the chase all because of those disappointing methods, while others continue seeking the best techniques that apply. Maybe the difference in the tenacity all depends on an individual’s reasons.

Let’s put whatever reason you have for desiring this aside and seek ways to get what you want. After all, every person has a personal reason for whatever choices they make. Now, the truth is that there are some exercises you can do that can naturally increase your butt size and shape the butt to the perfect round you desire.

Exercises that Increase the Butt Size

Although exercises are really demanding, they are very effective ways of increasing the size of the butt naturally. Instead of going for other methods that are full of downsides, why not just find some useful exercises that will help shape your body and butt below?


The exercise squat position is one of the basic techniques you can use to bring out the roundness in your butt. In addition to increasing your butt size, this exercise also strengthens your lower body. When you’re exercising, avoid half squatting. Do full or parallel squatting by standing with your hips widely spread apart, and then lower your body as if about to sit. Let the weight of your body settle on your heels. From this position, rise slowly, and then lower your body again.

Arabesque Squat

If you are familiar with the ballet, it should be easy for you to comprehend this pattern of exercise. It requires you to stretch a leg forth and extend your foot to the front as if taking the second move of the ballet.

Next, you firm your hamstrings and butt such that your backside is lifted. While doing this, let the weight of your body rest on the other leg so you don’t fall. Once you’re sure that the balance is firm enough, go down slowly to a squatting position, and rise again while standing on one leg. Arabesque squats work really well, but they’re not so easy for beginners, especially for the fact that you have to repeat the process for about 15 times while standing on one leg at a time. Also, you must do it five times a week.

An added advantage of this exercise is that it helps strengthen both legs. With proper adherence to this recommendation, you’re going to increase your butt size naturally and achieve strength in both legs.


The deadlift works well for different parts of the body, except for the pressing muscle. You can combine the conventional and sumo deadlifts to train your butt. However, note that deadlifts are as demanding as the squat. None of them would be a friendly variety of exercise to a beginner, but you will enjoy just any of them by the time you master both. In other words, with time and practice, you’re likely going to find the two forms of exercise easy.

You may not achieve what you’re aiming for, if you’re not squeezing your glutes as you raise the bar. Avoid over-stretching to prevent lumbar injury, which can be very painful, and enable glute activation.

Leg Lifts

Leg lifts complement both the arabesque squat and the normal squat. You would need a large table with a considerably high height in front of which you will stand. Raise one of your legs slowly from the back, not front. Allow the knee of the leg supporting you on the ground to bend forward a bit. After this, lift your right leg for as long as you can. Bring the leg back down slowly, and repeat the steps for about 30 times as you transfer the duties between the legs.


Lunges have effects on both the front and back of your legs. It also improves your entire body, focusing on your hips.

To do lunges, spread your legs astride. Now, let one go forward and be about two feet away from the other. Remember you’re stretching to the front and not the side anymore. Let each knee go down at the same time with the other.

Repeat this on each leg for 30 seconds, but ensure you do it consecutively.


Bridges helps shape your butt. It’s simple to practice if all steps are diligently considered. Get a mat on which you’re going to lie with your face upward and back right on the mat. Allow your legs to spread moderately so you can lift them without too much stress. Set your eyes on your feet to maintain a straight line, and let your mind concentrate on the straight line.

Hip Thrust

Although quite a funny exercise, hip thrusts work really well for butt isolation and overloading. And the fact is that most experts have recommended the barbell variation for butt enhancement.

Building the Butt You’ve Been Wanting

If you’re exercising constantly, you need enough protein to build muscle mass. You don’t have to look out for supplements; just eat natural protein-giving foods, such as fish, beans, red meat, eggs, etc. Most importantly, this is a good time to be friendly with your dietitian. You can’t also count greens like spinach, broccoli, and kale out of your diet this time around.

Successfully giving your butt the perfect form and shape naturally demands hard work. Yes, some go by other means, which have their consequences. But with these exercises, don’t expect any downside. You just have to cultivate the habit of eating natural food and drinking lots of water daily. Don’t forget your squats, arabesque squats, deadlifts, and hip thrusts. It may be difficult as you begin, as it was for every beginner that later became an expert, but with interest and consistency, you’re not so far from achieving your goal of a firm and muscular butt.

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