Top 10 Fitness Apps for Busy Moms

There exist several online applications that are developed for this very purpose to help people with their fitness, not compromise on their healthcare.

Moms are usually found indulged in several activities throughout the day may it be office work in the day or making sure everything is perfect at home to simply take care of their children. With all these hectic responsibilities we often find them struggling to keep a check on their fitness.

Here is our list of Top 10 fitness apps for busy moms.

#1: Charity Miles

The app works around a charity concept where you can select a charity type upon login and money is donated for every mile you cover.

People on foot earn $0.25 / mile and cyclists earn $0.1. / mile. Your total is calculated and the amount donated. For a good cause, it is highly advisable for all the moms to download this application and do good for yourself and for those in need!

#2: My Fitness Pal

The versatile application is equipped with a calorie counter, exercise list, goal tracking feature and with the ability to sync with other fitness applications to provide you with the best guide and effectively monitor your performance. Being a busy mom, this app will help you keep in check all that is necessary regarding your fitness and plan it out perfectly.

Credibly one of the most popular apps online is free for general daily usage but you have to pay to unlock certain extra features.

#3: Runkeeper

The application is based on setting goals within your schedule, encouraging you to get outside and go for a run. For all the moms this app is what you need to plan, organize and start running towards an active and healthy life. 

#4: Fit Mummy Project App

Moms often find themselves struggling to get back in shape with no or relatively simple equipment. Fit Mummy project app is there to provide you with a collection of around 35 short videos for post pregnancy exercises to keep you fit with simple yet quick workout plans. The videos range from yoga, meditation, focusing on a certain body part to the overall body.

#5: Seven – 7 Minute Workout Training Challenge

With the hectic schedule moms commonly find it very difficult to find too much time to exercise. This app comes as a lifesaver with its daily 7 minutes plans for 7 months. The short span of time is ideal for busy moms to squeeze it in their to-do list and assure themselves to a fit life ahead.

#6: Moms into Fitness

Designed and compiled by a mom herself, this app is a complete package with over 200 workouts covering all stages of motherhood and a variety of meals plans to ensure that a mom stays healthy and in shape.

#7: Sworkit

The application is unique as it let you decide a workout depending on the time you have at hand, let it be as little as a quick 5-minute workout or an extensive hour-long full body workout. The treasury consists of over 50 applications to choose from. This application is ideal to provide moms freedom in selecting a workout depending on when they get time on their hands during the day. Waste no time and get your hands on this application and begin your journey towards an active future right away!

#8: Mom & Baby Exercise – Weekly Workout

One of the earliest applications to be introduced for the purpose of promoting fitness for new moms. It focuses on the kind of exercises, their duration when to do those exercises and the precautionary measures that are to be taken care of as well to not overdo anything. It revolves around yoga and strength training. It also consists of a tracking feature to keep a record of your progress.

It is unique as it involves activities with your baby so don’t wait and involve your baby in your exercises and strengthen that bond right away!    

#9: Nike Training Club

The app consists of a unique medal rewarding system to motivate you in your efforts for a fit life. The app kicks off by letting you decide a workout goal and your current fitness level hence allowing you to form a versatile workout plan. The goal progresses with levels of increasing difficulty hence avoiding repetition.

It can provide moms a wide stock of exercises for moms not looking for a streamlined workout plan.

#10: Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga app focuses entirely on yoga poses and its benefits. The app consists of around 100 classes running the user through 500 different poses to improve their core strength and focus. It is extremely beneficial for busy moms as yoga is known to relax one and it is definitely what they need in their hectic lives!

Without further delay check out all these exciting applications and start off with the one that suits your taste!

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