10 Summer Workouts You Can Do with Your Kids

Summer is finally here which means that your kids are on a long summer break, indulging themselves in playing video games, watching their favorite TV shows and what not. Whether you are a housewife or a working woman, it’s important to keep your body in shape and while you’re at it, you can call out your kids to perform the workout together. This will turn the ordinary exercise session into a crazy workout routine filled with fun and excitement.

So what are you waiting for? Kick start your summer with these top 10 exercises that are easy to do with your kids:

1. Swim Your Heart Out

What could be a better body toning exercise than swimming? Kids these days absolutely love swimming which is indeed a great way to relax your mind and body after a tough day at work. Invest in a large family pool and join in with your kids to swim. You can tread water by standing vertically and head above the surface while you move your arms and legs in the water. Moreover, to add some fun you could also play games with your kids in a pool such as playing with beach balls or water guns.

2. Go On a Hiking Adventure

Search for a family friendly hiking place that is safe for your kids to trek. In this way, you can have some family time as well as keep your body in check. While you’re headed out, make sure you and your kids don’t forget to wear sunscreen, glasses and protective clothing.

3. Perform Aerobics

Incorporating cardio to your exercise regimen is an effective way to strengthen your muscles and make you active. Tune in to your favorite jam so that you and your kids perform the workout together.

4. Play Sports

There are many sports to choose from such as playing basketball, football, jumping on a trampoline, racing or Frisbee. It will greatly reduce the screen time of your children who are glued to tablets and other gadgets. Find a sport that you and your child loves to play and dedicate 30 mins. If you find yourself getting bored with the current sport, try out a different one and enjoy while your muscles are on work.

5. Go On a Bicycle Ride

Take your kids out for cycling when the weather is pleasant. You too can cycle alongside and have a race with them. Don’t forget to wear a cap and have a water bottle with you to stay hydrated.

6. Dance to Your Kid’s Favorite Music

Dancing is an extremely effective exercise that can burn your body fat easily and you can enjoy the session with your kids by playing their favorite song, be it a Disney princess song or any song that your child loves.

7. Pay a Visit to the Park

Go out to the park with your kids and enjoy the fresh breeze. Try something different such as designing an obstacle course in which your kids will have to perform certain tasks such as hopping for a certain period of time, running from one particular point to another, skipping, hoola hooping and other challenges that you and your kids can thoroughly enjoy.

8. Gardening

Are you planning to transform your lifeless yard into a garden having blooming flowers and luscious green vegetables? This is the perfect opportunity to get help from your kids and engage in a fun activity of gardening.  Let your kids do the digging while you add plants.

9. Cleaning

Cleaning can be a mundane task but you can add some fun by turning up your favorite music that makes you want to groove to the beat. Assign cleaning tasks to your kids – it could be dusting, putting their toys in place and other simpler tasks. In this way, you can get your cardio done. As simple as that.

10. Kayaking

Embark on an adventure with your kids by trying out Kayaking. It’s similar to rowing that requires watercraft and double bladed paddles to move the boat. If your kid is new to the world of kayaking, make sure you accompany them. If you’re new, it’s best to have someone along who has experience with kayaking. Kids will love definitely the kayaking trip which involves physical activity and fun all in one.

Make the most of your summertime by incorporating these workouts that will keep you and your child energetic and healthy all summer!

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