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6 Reasons Why You Should Get in the Pool

Swimming is not only for summer fun and games but it is recognized as a form of physical sports that allows for an active lifestyle. This form of physical exercise can be an effective rigorous routine and is especially meant for athletes and for people who want to lose weight.

While there are warm pools for winter seasons too, summer pool time has its own charm and fun. To beat the scorching heat in summers and relax, swimming is an effective way. While it may seem all fun and games on the front, swimming helps you maintain your health as there is no other exercise that engages your entire body during a workout session and it can also be an alternate form of physical exercise when you get bored of your daily workout routine. Let’s do a quick recap of the reasons why we should get in the pool.

Helps in Weight Loss

Technically, if you are a habitual swimmer and you swim vigorously so much that your heart elevates and you burn calories resulting in shedding weight. It is said that swimming for 30 minutes burns 200 calories which you can burn when you run for one hour. It is considered the best form of aerobic exercise. This is because the water resistance is greater than that of air and you may have to work extra hard in the water to cover the distance.

Helps Prevent Heart and Other Diseases

Swimming 30 minutes a day helps your heart stays healthy, keep you away from heart diseases and stroke. It helps to provide cardio conditioning if you persistently include swimming as a part of your fitness routine. Not only better heart health, but swimming also controls your blood insulin level, reduce cholesterol in your body and helps to keep your blood pressure stable. Swim away for a healthy body!

Cross Training and Balances Built

If you are a regular swimmer you should have built lean muscles that complement the muscles built from weight training. These muscles also speed up metabolism thus helps you burn calories. If you have an active fitness routine then swimming helps you take a break from your daily strenuous activities like running and basketball and incorporating swimming in your fitness regime will help your body recover from rigorous training sessions. In addition to this, swimming helps to develop core strength since it makes the most of all the body muscles at the same time.

Helps With Joint Pain, Injuries, and Surgery

Swimming is an exercise which is easy on the joints and gives your sore joints some rest from constant movement. It helps and improves movements between joints for arthritis patients. Patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis show signs of improved health and wellness after swimming regularly. Swimming helps affected joints and reduces pain in the joints occurring from osteoarthritis. Usually, doctors recommend hydrotherapy after a jip and knee replacement surgery and you can hit the pool right after your wound has healed.

Improves Mental Health

We all need a break from our mundane monotonous day to day chores. Stress from our work, school, family, and finances builds up and drains us so much that it affects our mental well being. Regular swimming helps improve the blood circulation in your brain and with adequate oxygen; cells that are lost because of stress are replaced with new cells in the hippocampus. Aerobic exercise like swimming helps to release chemical endorphin which makes you content and happy improving your mental state.

Increases Flexibility and Endurance

Water buoyancy reduces the weight of the individual by 90 percent which means swimming is a low-impact exercise which exerts less pressure on bones and joints. Swimming in a heated pool will help your muscle relax and improve flexibility by engaging your body in stretching exercises. It improves flexibility by reducing muscle stiffness and prevents muscles from becoming sore after a hardcore training session.

With practice and consistency, swimmers are able to swim for longer periods of time resulting in burning more calories. Summer is in full swing, you don’t really need a reason to dive into the pool. Just swim away!

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