7 Exercises to Improve Flexibility

Fitness of body is extremely important for any individual. Anyone can stay fit if they incorporate healthy eating and exercise in their daily life. It helps improve performance in daily activities like running, walking, etc. Furthermore, it also helps in building stamina which enhances an individual’s ability to carry out different tasks throughout the day.

Many people are inspired by people who are flexible enough to move their body’s in any direction they want. It requires a lot of exercises mainly stretching as it improves flexibility.

Some of the exercises that can be used to improve flexibility are as follows:

Sleeper Stretch

Sleeper stretch is known to improve the flexibility and range of motion of shoulders. Place a roll-up mat on the floor and lie down on the floor with your head placed on the mat. Pack your shoulders in a manner that they don’t end up rolling right next to your ear. Now slightly push your hand and stay in that position for a certain amount of time. Do this exercise in 3 cycles and each circle should last for 30 seconds.

Standing Hamstring Stretch

In order to carry outstanding hamstring stretch, stand straight with your arms by your side and there should be a distance between your hips and feet. Now exhale and bend in a forward direction towards your knees. Arms should be wrapped around the back of the legs. Hold your legs for 30-40 seconds.

Triceps Stretch

Sit on your knees on the floor with knees and hips apart from each other. Extend your right arm over your head in a manner that you can easily touch the middle of your back with the right hand. Now place your left hand on the left elbow. Now pull the right elbow down towards your head in a very gentle manner. After the right-hand exercise is done try to stretch your left arm in the same manner.

90 by 90 Stretch

90 by 90 stretch is known to make hips more flexible. It is a good option for people who have very tight hips. Sit on the floor with your right knee placed in a 90-degree angle. It should be perpendicular to your body. Now the left leg should be placed on the left side of your body so that the left foot faces backward. Place the right butt cheek on the floor and if you have tight hips you would not be able to place your left butt cheek on the floor at the same time. However, you should try to place it as much as possible. Hold your position for 30 seconds then change position.

Image by Daniel Case on Wikipedia Commons

Modified Child’s Pose

Modified child’s pose is for people who are in a habit of lifting heavy weights. Lifting weights regularly has an impact on their ability to raise their arms above or their head. You should sit down on your knees and bend in such a manner that your chest should touch your thighs. Now stretch your arms with your palms facing upwards. Now breathe in and out and hold your position for 30 seconds. The cycle should be repeated 3 times.

Side Bend Stretch

Sit down on your knees, keeping your back straight. Now extend your left leg in a perpendicular direction. The left leg should not be in front or at the back of your body. It should be at the side. The right arm should be stretch upwards whereas the left arm should be stretched and placed on your left leg. Now gently bend your torso with your hips facing towards the front. Bend your right arm and stay in this position for at least 30-40 seconds. Now repeat the same process on the other side.

Knee to Chest Stretch

Place a mat on the floor and lie on your back with your legs placed straight. Now gradually pull your right knee towards your chest. The left leg should be straight and your back should be placed firmly on the ground. Hold onto this position for 35-45 seconds. The same process should be repeated on the other leg.

Exercise is vital for the nourishment of your body. It not only makes your body flexible but also helps you strengthen your muscles. Try out the exercises mentioned above and you will notice a considerable amount of change in yourself. However, change can never occur overnight. Follow your exercise regime regularly to stay fit.

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