Exercises That Will Help You Get Over a Bad Breakup

So you have recently had a bad breakup and are currently going over the period where you are trying to heal your broken heart and find colors in life again? It can be tough but is not impossible. Losing someone you have been close to can have a strain on you but it is certainly not the end of the world, especially when you have the whole life ahead of you.

Now you have two ways to go about it: You can either stay in bed, sulk and cry yourself into the torture of watching one romantic move after the other or buckle yourself up and face it.

While the first one seems like a tempting option, it is not the one that is advised. The best way to get over a heartbreak is to sweat it out. Dancing to your favorite music or working out to your favorite songs is way more rewarding than crying. Once done not only would you be feeling great about yourself but would also have a more toned and healthy body.

So, what are some of the many exercises that you can try out while you are getting over a bad breakup? Let us find that out.

1. Bear Crawl

It might look easy but this one exercise isn’t. It is going to exhaust you out once you are done leaving you with no energy to think about your ex or worry about your love life anymore. Bear crawl targets the muscles of the upper body in particular and helps strengthen and tone them for you. Begin by getting in a push-up position and lengthen your body by getting on your hands and toes, keeping the buttocks down. Start moving by alternating the movements of your hands and feet. Stop once you have the whole body sweating and you can feel the burn in your arms.

2. Squats

There is nothing better to make you feel good about your life than some good squats. Get yourself in a sitting position and lower the butt down, keeping the back in a straight position. Make sure the knees make a right angle and never cross your toes. You can do it in sprints or hold the position down for the added burn. It strengthens the butt and helps give it a defined shape.

3. High Knees

Getting over heartbreak is not easy and one way to make that happen is by building up lots of stamina. While the exercises mentioned above are exhausting, you do need something that will build up your lost stamina and give you the strength to run and leave your bad memories behind. High knees are one exercise that can help you achieve both. It is more like a stationary running but with you trying to take the knees as high as you can without hurting your feet. With the right beat and song in the background, this one is actually a lot funnier than it sounds.

4. Running

Never underestimate the effect some good running can have on your body and mind. It helps you distress and is actually great to relax those stressful thoughts that have been keeping you up all night. Gear up in the right costume, ring along with your favorite playlist and get running on a track that brings along a pleasant scenery too. Do it early in the day or even in the evening, any time that works best for you and see how it will magically transform your thoughts towards positivity.

5. Meditate

When going through a breakup, the biggest problem we all face is with our train of thoughts that stay stuck in the past and bring on memories that nothing but hurt us even more. You need exercises that will not only keep your mind busy but would also help you build up focus and take control of your mind and what better way to do than meditation. It is light, rejuvenating and certainly a great way to start your day with. In fact, if you can, we highly recommend trying out some yoga as well. It will help bring back your lost strength and revive the confidence that you have lost because of this heartbreak that you are going through.

Exercise is not only great for staying healthy but helps you maintain a positive outlook on life. With the exercises that have been mentioned above, not only will you have a more toned body but a relaxed mind too.

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