6 Cardio Exercises That Will Help You Drop Fat Fast

Whether you have started working out just today or been in the fitness routine for a while, cardio is one word you would have come across way too frequently. While there have been mixed reviews about the use of cardio in the exercise routine, it has been agreed upon by many that having a cardio workout plan in place can help with the fat burning process.

Limited Cardio

Cardio is known as a quick fat burning machine. It makes use of aerobic metabolism and thus, is great when it comes to targeting the stubborn fat build up in our bodies. However, the best way to make use of this workout technique is by using it in moderation and in good balance with other forms of workout. It is only then that you will be able to lose the fat fast and also bring your body to good shape.

Cardio Exercises for Fat Loss

Some of the cardio exercises seem to work better and faster than others. Today, we will be taking a deeper look at some of them so that you can make them a part of your workout regime and get to your desired weight much faster.

Jumping Rope

This is something we all have been doing as kids. But did you know that this fun-filled activity is actually a great cardio exercise? 
Pick up that rope today and start jumping the rope to burn fats fast. The best way is to start up slow and then gradually increase your speed in sprints as you move along. Ten minutes of this exercise with a good four minutes of high-intensity jumping, divided into intervals throughout would have you panting for breath once you are done for sure. If done right, it can have you burn over 200 calories in ten minutes alone.

Brisk Walk

There is no denying the good that can come from walking only. It targets the fat all over the body and is great for distressing the mind as well. However, while you most certainly would enjoy slow luxurious walks, it is recommended that you go opt for brisk walking if you plan on getting rid of the fat fast. Without even feeling the need to touch any equipment, you can burn as much as 200 calories and that too while listening to your favorite songs.


It is one of the best cardio workouts that bring forth muscle fitness and core strength. Rowing targets the stubborn fat and tones the body at the same time which seems to work perfectly for us. However, instead of rowing at the same speed for 30 minutes or so, try to vary the speed as you go. Taking the intensity up a notch in sprints throughout your cardio workout while increasing speed every now and then can break the monotony and help your body drop the excess fat fast.

Sprint Activities

We have been focusing a lot on introducing sprints in your cardio workouts and that is because they can actually speed up the fat burning process. The aerobic metabolism is taken by surprise and thus is made to work extra to make up for the added demand for energy. This helps to target the fat that usually may go unnoticed. Working out in sprints can save you some time and also helps keep things fun. A sprint of 30 seconds of a fast-paced cardio every one minute in your routine cardio workout is one way to go about it. Try it on with a variety of exercises and this shall keep things interesting for you.


This may look like just an ordinary piece of equipment at your gym but you can do wonders with this one. Use it in your cardio training and you shall actually be burning fat like a pro in no time at all. Exercises like squats, lunges, swings are just some of the many that can use a variation of a kettlebell every once in a while.

Stair Climbing

Do it at the gym, at your home or even a park, this cardio is great for toning the legs and the whole body in general. Climb stairs by running, by using kettlebells, by lunging your way up every few steps,  jumping and even doing pushups you move up. There is just so much that you can do to turn a simple stair climbing exercise into a full-body holistic workout routine by playing intelligently.

Cardio may seem like a boring set of routine exercises that you have to up with every day but this doesn’t have to be so. With the tips mentioned above, not only can you drop fat fast but also keep things fun for you. The right combination of exercises with the right lifestyle is all you need to stay toned and keep a check on the body fat for good.

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