Top 5 Yoga Poses for the Beach

Yoga is a spiritual healing procedure that connects the mind, body, and soul. Since decades yoga is considered as a form of remedy for different diseases. The spiritual healing one achieves from yoga cannot be achieved through medicines. It connects the mind, body, and soul helping you to develop harmony between them.

What better time of the year could it be to practice yoga then the holiday season? And if you are planning to spend the holidays at the beach then you have to try beach yoga. The clean air from the sea will revive your lungs and the calming sound of the waves will help you concentrate on your yoga poses. Not only this, yoga at the beach will have such a calming and soothing effect on your mind and body that it will help you deal with the day to day worries and stress.

To make the most of your holidays start with this yoga routine at the beach. If you are reading this while you are at the beach and you don’t have a yoga mat then worry not. You can start away on a towel! It is that simple.


This pose relaxes the mind, calms it down and surrounds you with positive energy all day. Also known as the lotus position, meditation in yoga applies pressure to the spine and slows down muscular tension which in turn relaxes your body helping you maintain physical and mental balance. Sit down and breathe deep. Let your lungs take in some fresh air and listen to the sound of the waves. Do it for a few minutes before you start off with yoga.

Downward Facing Dog

To practice this pose, get into plank position but push your hip up and into the air with the hands and feet staying on the ground for your support. 10 seconds into the pose, pull your navel towards your spine. You can let your hands bear the weight of your body as shown in the picture. When you are done, relax your head.

Headstand Pose

Headstand, also known as Sirsasana, is the best pose for you on the soft sand. If you notice, this yoga poses just the opposite of your natural standing position. It allows blood flow to your head, your spine, and neck. This flow of blood everywhere gives you clarity of mind and calms you down. Use your hands and place them on your floor and with the support of your hands stand to lift your entire body and place your head down while you slowly straighten your legs up in the air. While you breathe deep every time, make sure you concentrate on the sound of the waves for a much calming effect.

Warrior II

Make sure your feet have sound contact with the soft sand while you stretch your hands in the opposite directions and place your feet between your hands. Make sure your feet are pressing and creating an impression in the sand and with that draw some energy from your legs. Extending your arms at the height of your shoulders and while you look at the sky. Putting your hands down to where your front foot is and get back in the position of the downward facing dog. Switch legs to repeat the pose on the other side.

Half Moon

No yoga pose can be as fun as the balancing pose on the soft sand beach. The entire practice of balancing your body on the sand is full of fun and if you fall down, you will do so on the sand. Stand on one of your legs while you lift the other one at 180 degrees in the air. Root one of your hands to the sand so that you have a firm grip the other one should hold your ankle that is up in the air, bending your knee. Inhale and exhale as you hear the sea and let your energy flow out into the open beach. Hold the pose for a few minutes and once you finish step back into the dancer’s pose and then into the dog pose before you release.

When you finish these yoga poses, do not finish your yoga session abruptly. Just like you cool down after an extensive workout session, meditate to cool down your body for a few minutes. Do try these yoga poses by the beach while you soak up some sun.

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