Top 7 Yoga Poses for Lazy People

Weight maintenance is beyond any doubt a tough job. It requires a great deal of effort to put in which is not everybody’s cup of tea. People with a mild temperament, especially, don’t mind to go slow and steady and prefer a workout regime that doesn’t include heavy weight lifting or HIIT cardio exercises. Well, nothing to be offended if you are one of them. Having people from different mindset and thoughts, we are more than pleasing to cater to everybody’s needs as we are always open to welcome diversity and versatility.

So if you think you are one of those people who look for a mild workout plan and love to go with different modifications for that matter. We are right here with the solution. Exercise is preferred at early in the morning when you wake up right before your breakfast. Most of us do not want to go for a high-intensity workout because of the hectic routine which follows that.

Many people fail to follow a good workout regime because of the very same reason. This is why we shoulder this responsibility to get it in your routine regularly, however, with a slight change and suggestions.

For that, we recommend following these simple and easy yoga poses which will not only help you to maintain your health and wellness, but also releases the stress of the daily hectic routine that scares you throughout the day.

Let me assure you that all of them will give you guaranteed results and definitely going to help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. What is required and expected from your side is regularity and consistency.

Legs Up the Walls

This is one of the simplest poses to start with. All you have to do is touch your hips with the wall while laying down and raise your legs up the wall. Make sure your hands are stretched at both sides and stay in the same position for a fixed time. This is the best one to start with. It helps to improve your posture and gives relief from back pain.

Night-Time Goddess Stretch

Lay down straight and bring your toes to touch each other in a way that it makes a triangle with your legs. Leave your hands open on both sides. This one is good for tightening of muscles of your thighs and legs.

Cobra Pose

Turn yourself downwards facing the floor. Your legs should go straight back exerting a stretch on your whole back. Your palms touching the floor and arms straight up making your upper body to rise. This is one of my favorites because it is very relaxing yet easy. Best for an overall reduction of inches. Especially for abs, it works miraculously.

Child Pose

Turn downwards and raise your knees and fold it in the way showed in the picture. While making a child pose you have to stretch your arms in from and make sure they remain straight till the time you are in the proposition. This is a stress reliever and builds up stamina too.

Toe Touch

Sit straight and get your legs straight in front. Try to touch your toes with your hands by stretching them towards the toes. While doing that you have to be careful with the position of your back as it should be straight just like your legs. This post will help to reduce your overall inches of the body.

Seated Twist

Bend one of your legs and twist your upper body in the opposite direction and put your hand on your hip. Remain in the same position and then change your leg for the opposite side of the twist. It is one of the most effective ways to get in shape and also to release stress.

Vertical Standing Stretch

Stand straight vertically and raise both of your arms upwards in a straight direction. Make sure that your back is also straight and can feel the stretch exerted on it. This helps to build up your stamina and improves your blood circulation in the body.

Being lazy is fine and one should not feel hesitation in looking out for something that is not only helpful for us but also goes well with our nature. These suggestions of yoga poses are exactly for all those lazy people who are not able to join any fitness regime due to their lazy nature. Healthy living!

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