7 Yoga Poses for the Broken Heart

There are certain phases of our life where we go through the pain of a broken heart, whether it be the loss of someone close, the loss of a job, and an unexpected result. The loss of these people or materialistic things that are near and dear to us often strike us hard and affects the balance of our everyday lives.

There are a number of things that can help you get through a broken heart. Some suggest to travel to different places, some suggest therapy. However, one thing that not many people know about is the fact that meditation through yoga can immensely help in healing a broken heart.

Whenever a person practices yoga, he or she is only thinking about themselves and is not being distracted by the otherworldly thoughts. Let’s go through seven different yoga poses that will give you a sure shot at mending your broken heart.

Sphinx Pose

For this pose Lay down flat on your stomach. Straighten your legs and point your feet to the floor by pressing them. Another thing to make sure is that the elbows should always be in front of the shoulder and beneath them. Keep this position for about three to five minutes.

The Butterfly

Join the soles of your feet while sitting down. Heels should be placed at a certain distance from your groin area. Inhale deeply, this will broaden your chest. Exhale deeply, this will cause your torso to tilt forward and your hips to hinge. Repeat this five times in order to slowly tilt forward.

Child’s Pose

Stretch your arms forward on a yoga mat starting from your hands and knees. Rest your head on the mat and at the same time allow your hips to sink to your heels. Start widening the space between your knees if you feel is comfortable.  Stay in this position for three minutes.

Nostril Breathing

One of the true essences of yoga is to focus on uninformed and controlled breathing. In order to practice alternate nostril breathing, you must sit with your legs crossed in a comfortable position. Your left hand should be on your left knee. Exhale and then with your right thumb close the right nostril. Use your left nostril for inhalation and then using your fingers close your left nostril. Remove your right thumb and again exhale through the right nostril. Repeat this process for 5 minutes.


As the name states, handstand means being inverted and finding stability to maintain a pose with the help of your shoulder strength. Although practicing a handstand might be difficult in the beginning but it will be helpful in the long run. Plus, learning how to do the handstand will itself help you keep your mind off of things. A beginner can start off by forming an L shape against the wall. With the strength of your shoulders press your feet against the wall and take off one foot from the wall and put it forward. Keep each angle for five to eight breaths until you gain the complete strength to perform a handstand.

Camel’s Pose

You can start this pose by kneeling down straight with your knees a few inches apart from each other. Push your pelvic region forwards and press the soles of your feet on the ground. Place your hands on waist such that your fingers point towards the ground. Lean back and keep your chin towards your chest.  This pose can be taken further by leaning back a bit more and placing your hands on the sole of your feet. Maintain this pose by holding five to ten breaths.

Warrior 3

Keep your feet wide apart and rest your hands on your hips. Lift your left leg by applying pressure on your right leg and inhaling at the same time. The goal of this yoga pose is to reduce your height from torso to hip and keeping your leg in the same position at the same time. Inhale and exhale five to ten times and then switch to another leg.

Heartbreak is a feeling that gushes in mixed emotions in our mind, body, and soul and the only thing that we should keep in mind while going through a heartbreak is that there is always an end to each and every phase of life. With the help of the yoga poses mentioned here, you can permanently mend your broken heart and move forward in life.

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