7 Yoga Poses To Do At Your Desk

There are a number of people who are well aware of how it feels sitting at a desk each day and every hour of the day. People tend to slouch or change their body position in an improper manner. These bad habits of slouching can ultimately affect the body posture in the long run and may result in back, shoulder or neck aches. So if you’re stuck sitting at your desk, feeling stress in your bodies. You can try some of these yoga poses that will help to relieve some of the tension that you feel building up inside you. Contrary to what people believe, these yoga poses can easily be practiced while you are still seated down or near your desk. So no, you won’t be getting caught doing yoga during your work hours.

Let’s go through 7 of these poses that you can easily do at your task.

Seated Crescent Moon

When trying the seated crescent moon pose, stretch your arms over your head. Then lean your body towards the right side. Take two to three deep breaths and then return to your initial position. Repeat this pose by leaning towards your left side. Take two to three breaths and straighten up.

Stretching Of Hands And Fingers

This yoga pose should be practiced after every two hours.Stretch your arms over your head and make five to ten circular motions with the help of your wrists. Stretch your fingers and then close your fists. Repeat this motion for about five to ten times in order to get rid of any sort of stress.

After this place your hands on the desk, with your palms in an upward direction. Apply slight pressure so that you may feel a slight stretch in your wrist and forearm. Hold each of these sides for five to ten breaths.

Shoulder Opener

This yoga pose is quite easy to perform at your desk or against sturdy support. Stand up and move a few feet apart from your desk. Stretch your arms on a table such that your body is bent on a table forming a right angle. Continue stretching your arms forward until you feel slight pressure against your chest, shoulders, and back. No need to worry about your knees, they can be kept straight or bent. Maintain this pose for five to three breaths.

Chair Twist

This pose can be easily done while you are sitting on your chair. Sit on the edge of the chair in a diagonal position. Keep your legs closed. With the help of movement of your arms, move it to the back of the chair and take a hold of the back of the chair with the help of your right hand. Grip your knee with the help of your left arm. Breath and focus. Turn to the right side, and press your right hand against the back of the chair in order to feel a slight pressure on your shoulder blades. Breathe deeply. Hold this pose for ten to fifteen breaths. Return to your initial position and repeat this pose for your left side.

Chair Pigeon Pose

For this pose, you need to sit on your chair with both of your feet touching the floor. Cross the right leg over the left leg making a 90-degree angle. Do not place pressure on the knee. Maintenance of equal weight distribution is compulsory when seated in an upright position. A gentle stretch is felt on the outermost portion of the thigh. Switch sides after maintaining this pose for 5 to 10 breaths.

Seated Forward Bend

The seated forward bend is a modification to the standing forward bend. The only difference is that you have to remain seated. Push your chair back so that a distance is created between your table and chair. Put both of your feet flat on the ground. Intertwine fingers of your hand with each other behind your back. Stretch your arms as much as possible, while the interlaced fingers are drawn downwards. Your interlaced fingers should be brought over your back, while at the same time your waist should fold forwards. Place your chest on your thighs and relax your neck. The same pose can be also done in standing position in order to relieve pain from your hamstrings.

Desk Chaturanga

For this pose Get off from your chair. Place your wrist flat on your desk or some strong surface. Step back just so that your abdomen is diagonally aligned with the floor Place your feet firmly and bend to a 90-degree angle and inhale at the same time. Your elbows should be touching your ribs in this pose. Exhale and push yourself back up in order to come back to your standing position. Repeat this activity for about eight to twelve times.

A simple practice of yoga pose mentioned can help reduce the effects of sitting all day in office. This will ultimately help to reduce stress from a high demanding job and will make your mind calm, stretch your stiff muscles and at the end of the day, you will be living a happy and stress-free life.

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